Take this course to build confidence in the following skills

  • Coaching Skills

    Group coaching skills are essential for delivering this programme. Throughout this training, we will guide you through tools and techniques to help you to confidently navigate facilitating online and offline groups with a therapeutic twist

  • Meditation & Visualisation Skills

    Facilitating transformational meditations and visualisations in group practice takes a unique set of skills. In this course, Lin will guide you through confidently creating a nurturing and safe space that helps course members to connect with the creator heart

  • Marketing & Technical Skills

    What we have learned throughout our previous courses is that our members need guidance & support to market themselves. They also need guidance around how to navigate the technology most helpful to hosting online and offline sessions


If you are the type of person who signs up for training and doesn't find the time to complete or maybe gets started and then "falls of the wagon" part of the way in, then this is the course for you! You will have Lin and I rooting for you all the way through! The training videos are short and sweet, making them easy to watch in between your everyday life tasks. You can catch up on lunch break, while making dinner or even while out taking a walk (although why would you want to miss all that gorgeous nature). The reflection questions are about YOU and as you are the expert on YOU, you will find that they will take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete per module! The meditation task at the end of your course is a voice recorded ten minute piece which we will guide you to create. By following our coaching guidance, you could easily complete this course and be out there in the world in no time! This programme is by invite only and you will need to complete our Foundations training to experience this course first.

Extra support to keep you on track..

We know how important this is for you so we have created some extras to help you throughout your training

  • A downloadable success path planner

    We have created a downloadable and customisable success path planner. This maps out what you need to complete to cover the course and guidance around how to challenge yourself

  • A Facebook group for extra support

    We know the value of Facebook groups as spaces to look for and offer each other support. You are invited to join our designated space for Confident Hearts Coaches

  • Visibility Challenge

    Our unique visibility challenge will help you to learn how to make engaging videos and posts to share across your social media channels. We will also explore how to grow your own email list so you can get started before you even complete your training

What's included in your course?

  • A video walk through of each 2 hour session and how to deliver the theme. (We won't take you through the whole course as you have already completed this in our live training. This is a general session guide)

  • Guidance around delivering each visualisation and meditation

  • Session set up and delivery guidance

  • Strategies around confidently facilitating online and offline groups

  • The full suite of downloadable PowerPoint slides, with pre-prepared animations so all you have to do is plug and play. We will also guide you through using PowerPoint

  • Your in depth downloadable PDF guidebook, walking you through each session. Exploring talking points and key concepts to deliver

Going the extra mile for you...

Your success is our success and we have created some huge bonuses for you that we know will help you to feel even more confident to launch your sessions to the world!

  • Website Copy & Wording

    We have created all the wording and copy that you need to add to your website, leaflets and social media pages so you don't have to think about how you introduce this course to customers

  • A Certified Coach Logo

    We have created a certified Confident Hearts Coach logo so you can share across your sites that you are offering a programme which is accredited through the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)

  • Two Live Q & A Sessions via Zoom

    You are invited to join Lin and Tanja live for two fortnightly Q & A sessions via Zoom. We will be available for two hours in each session to help keep you on track and to plan your launch into the world

We aim to make this as affordable as possible for you

Two payment options (or a bespoke plan)

This course is by invite only and on completion of your foundations training, you are invited to take this course with us. We are offering two payment options for this course. You may choose to pay in full with a discounted price of £275 or to pay over three monthly installments of £99.99. If you choose to pay in installments then the payment will be taken every 4 weeks. We can also offer a tailored payment plan to suit your needs, so please do ask. To join this programme you will need to first complete our foundations programme.
We aim to make this as affordable as possible for you