What's your Heart Story®?

We all have a unique story and each video introduces you to a step within our unique Heart Story® approach to Creative Wellbeing & Mindfulness. This is your foundation programme and is an important first step on your journey! We walk you through nurturing and powerful strategies to nourish and center you back to your heart, while helping you to shake off your limiting beliefs, replacing them with uplifting and confidence boosting self-talk. A 9 hour journey back to your true Heart Story®. What's included?

  • 9 Hours of short video sessions which you can access 24/7 from any device

  • Exercises to keep you on track and downloadable meditations for use in your own time

  • A completion certificate as proof of 9 hours CPD

  • Support in a dedicated Facebook group

  • An invite on completion to join our top up training to be accredited to teach this framework to adults in your area (an additional £249.99)

  • An invite on completion to join our top up training to deliver our signature Creative Wellbeing & Mindfulness Programme to youth in your area (an additional £249.99)

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome & Introductions

    • Creating Heart-Powered Goals

    • Welcome from Tanja & Lin

    • Download your Confident Hearts Course Success Planner

  • 2

    HONORING YOUR BODY'S CALL! Your Body is always talking to you! Building intuition & self-love skills

    • Part One: Tuning into the powerful messages that your body is sharing with you always

    • Part Two: Exploring the Inner Peaceful Lake

  • 3

    Bonus Exercise: Flow Movement Meditation

    • Flow - Mini Mindfulness Moment

  • 4

    EXPERIENCE: Tuning in towards your whole experience. Developing a new nourishing relationship with yourself

    • Part One - The Whole Experience. Mind, Body, Feelings & Environment

    • Part Two - Empowering Self-Talk Statements

  • 5

    Bonus Exercise: Natures Gifts

    • Natures Gifts Mini Mindfulness Moment

  • 6

    ACT WITH COMPASSION: Learn powerful new tools and strategies to let go of self-critical and hurtful behaviors. Make way for empowering new beliefs.

    • Part One: Self-Compassion as a powerful practice to grow self-esteem

    • Part Two: Experiencing Self-Compassion Practice

  • 7

    Bonus Exercise: Expanding Your Heart Light Energy

    • Expanding Your Heart Light Energy Mini Mindful Moment

  • 8

    RECOGNISE THE TRUTH: Learn how to change your thoughts to change your life! Let go of anxiety, low moods and crippling lack of self-belief!

    • Part One: Where do our thoughts come from and are they truth?

    • Part Two: Creating a more mindful future. Self-love, care and compassion

  • 9

    Bonus Exercise: Healing Waters

    • Healing Waters Mini Mindfulness Moment

  • 10

    TAKE ACTION: Time to let go of what no longer serves your new belief systems and take action to own your new sense of self and direction! YASSSS!

    • Part One: Nurturing self-practices to grow more wellbeing

    • Part Two: Exploring mindful on the go moments, mini meditations & other practices

  • 11

    STORY: Your old story is no longer your now story! Lets celebrate who you are and get creative! Celebrate good times C'MON!

    • Part One: Creating wellbeing goals

    • Part Two: Growing your Confident Heart visualisation

    • Part Three: Creating your vision or dream boards

  • 12

    Thoughts & Reflections

    • Share your thoughts

  • 13


    • Find your certificate

9 Hours of coaching and a supportive and nurturing Facebook community!

We want to make this as affordable as we can for you! So we have introduced a pay in full discount or the option to split your payments over two months! If you choose to split your payments, then your second payment will be automatically taken 4 weeks later! If you need a bespoke payment plan, please contact us on courses@confidenthearts.com

Hi I'm Tanja...

Qualified Integrative Creative Counsellor, Therapeutic Coach, Mindfulness Teacher & Author

For the last 20 years I've been on a mission to heal from my own childhood trauma so I can help others to do the same! I specialise in supporting women caregivers, teachers, leaders, counsellors and coaches who are heart-powered to heal their own limiting beliefs so they can go on to empower others. I do this through our accredited programs and one to one therapeutic coaching. I am so honored to support you on your own journey back to the heart, to joy, to wellness & to being the most energised and best version of you that you can be. I am also passionate about writing, creating and leading and am a published author. Last year my childrens wellbeing book was a finalist in the Teach Primary Awards and I was awarded the Community Leader of The Year Award from Digital Women as well as being recognised as "one of the hundred most inspiring community leaders in the world by Facebook". This year I am releasing another childrens wellbeing book and will be focusing on supporting more coaches to step out into their full potential

We are award winning, recognised, trusted & fueled by your success. As you thrive, we thrive!

Facebook Community Leadership Program
Creative Counsellors Association
The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Cheshire Autism Practical Support

Hi I'm Lin...

Metaphysical Practitioner, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Over the last 40 years I have been studying, practicing and teaching meditation, self-help, wellbeing and metaphysical practices. My interest in spirituality and self-help led me to studying and completing a degree in Metaphysical Science in 1994. This fueled a great desire to share my knowledge and experience with heart-powered givers just like you because I knew what a powerful impact this could have on your life and I now get to see this in action through our courses and programs everyday. I'd love to be a part of your journey as you grow the light within you and then share it with the rest of the world.

Are you ready to put yourself first for a change??

The best gift you can give yourself is the most vibrant, energetic and healthy YOU that YOU DESERVE TO BE!