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What is covered in your coaching course?

OUR NEXT ROUND OF TRAINING STARTS ON MONDAY THE 16TH SEPTEMBER! On the 16th September, we will guide you through eight weeks of LIVE coaching calls and check ins as you work through your materials and hit your milestones! You can take as long as you need to complete your training!

  • 8 WEEK SESSIONS INCLUDE: Focus, Moods & Emotions, Kindness, Gratitude, Intention & Goal Setting, Creating a Calm Place, Anxiety & My Awesome Self

  • Live coaching + self directed study & support to complete a reflection journal for self-development and guidance around growing your own daily Mindfulness practice

  • 8 Key Mindfulness, CBT & Wellbeing fusion lessons with done for you Powerpoints, PDF guide book, evaluation sheets, creative kit list and bonus materials

  • A co-coaching element where we encourage you to work with someone else to deepen your knowledge and develop your Mindful skills

A little bit about our program

The Path to inspiring young minds and creating a job that you love, is all mapped out in these 8 key lessons. 

We empower you with the tools to teach young people to communicate with kindness, to embody gratitude, develop self-awareness and boost confidence.

This is an 8 hour Wellbeing and Mindfulness program, which we have delivered to children and young people from age 8-13. All the lessons can be tweaked and we will show you how!

At the end of this course, you receive all the PowerPoints, lesson notes, downloads and bonus materials needed to confidently deliver this course in your setting.

We encourage and support you to develop your own Mindfulness and Wellbeing practice throughout this course and we look to empower you, so that you can inspire young minds through embodying the program while demonstrating strong leadership skills!

We started to deliver confidence building workshops back in 2015 to teens and young people. We created a program that offered a fusion of CBT, creative tools and social skills game play to help young people who felt isolated to meet new people, build confidence and learn the tools they needed to overcome anxiety and depression. 

Our program grew and we went on to study and add new Mindfulness and other wellbeing tools to develop the first creative mindfulness program of it's kind. We have now run this program for hundreds of young people and families and continue to adapt our program as we learn and grow in our own practice too. 

When you sign up to train with us, you are signing up to our ongoing club which gives you access to updated materials and ongoing support. We are committed to improving the lives of young people, parents and carers and we are currently developing the first "Creative Family Mindfulness" program as well as our signature "The Best Gift is YOU" for parents and carers. 

This program is fully inclusive and we have now delivered this for various groups of young people with Autism and ADHD. As this course offers a creative element, we are able to introduce relaxation & mindfulness tools with a creative twist!

CBT & Mindfulness based interventions are now commonly recommended to help children and young people to overcome unnecessary anxiety (some anxiety is healthy and is a necessary part of our bodies safety system) and low moods. There are ongoing clinical trials which are highlighting how Mindfulness actually changes the neural pathways in the brain and these changes allow us to live more confident, happy and fulfilling lives.

Our signature course combines a fusion of meditation, creative visualisation, social skills, game play, sensory play & creative exploration.  We are always advocating for the creative process and how when we are being creative, curious & playful we are being in the present moment!

Accredited Course

through The Complimentary Medical Association

We are a registered training provider with the CMA. As a student you can apply for student membership and after qualifying are invited to access full member benefits which includes a competitive insurance package

Join our September Tribe

We run this training once a year and we keep the groups small so that we can take care of all of our members throughout the programme

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Confident Hearts - Heart Story™

Mission Statement & Purpose...

We train YOU to empower young people, professionals, parents and carers through teaching emotional resilience, by growing daily confidence building routines! Teaching YOU to become the creative architect of your life, to build a dream business that you love and to empower others while you grow! PAYING IT FORWARD - We empower YOU to empower others!

Lesson Guides

  • 1


    • To get you started...

    • Kit List

  • 2

    BONUS 1: Examples - Calming Meditations & Visualisations for YOU

    • Some relaxation for YOU

    • Focusing on the breath

    • The body scan

    • Kindness Ball

    • The Meditation Bell

  • 3

    Coaching Sessions 1

    • Coaching Session 1: Getting to know your course

    • Your Mindfulness Coaching Session One - The Best Gift is YOU

    • Conscious Breathing Exercise

    • Why conscious breathing?

    • The Body Scan Exercise

    • Home Practice

    • Reflect

  • 4

    Coaching Sessions 2

    • Coaching Session 2: Creative Sessions Hint & Tips

    • Some time for you!

    • Peaceful Intention Meditation

    • Your Mindfulness Coaching Session Two - Mindfulness On the Go

    • Breathing Space Meditation

    • Reflect

  • 5

    Coaching Sessions 3

    • Coaching Session 3: Adapting your sessions

    • Abdominal Breathing

    • Your Mindfulness Coaching Session 3: Growing a Mindful Attitude

    • Loving Kindness Meditation

    • Reflect

  • 6

    Coaching Sessions 4

    • Coaching Session 4: Marketing your new project

    • Your Mindfulness Coaching Session 4: Embodying Mindfulness

    • Reflect

  • 7

    Session 1 & 2 - Focus & Kindness

  • 8

    Sessions 3 & 4 - Moods/Emotions & Gratitude

    • Mindfulness Club Session 3: Moods & Emotions

    • Mindfulness Club Session 4: Gratitude Attitude

    • Reflect

  • 9

    Sessions 5 & 6 - Anxiety & Intentions

    • Mindfulness Club Session 5: Anxiety

    • Mindfulness Club Session 6: Intentions & Wishes

    • Reflect

  • 10

    Sessions 7 & 8 - A Calm Place & "Bouncebackability"

    • Mindfulness Club Session 7: A Calm Place

    • Mindfulness Club Session 8: Bouncebackability

    • Reflect

  • 11

    Completion Exercises

    • Reflection Exercise

    • Reflection Exercise

  • 12


    • Course Feedback

  • 13


    • You have completed your course


  • A biz in a box

    We have created everything for you. Done for your PowerPoint slides, creative kit list, evaluation forms, lesson guides & meditation guidance. You get everything that you need to get started and your downloads are available as we progress through the course!

  • Affordable & secure payment plans

    We want to make this program accessible to everyone. With this in mind, you can either choose to pay upfront or choose to pay in 3 monthly installments with no interest. As soon as all of your payments are complete and you have completed the program, you will receive your completion certificate.

Two payment options

You can either choose to pay in full or get started with five monthly payments of £50.00 If you choose 5 monthly payments then you will be automatically billed the same time each month from the card that you used to set the payments up.

Over 45 years combined experience

practicing & teaching self-help, Mindfulness & wellness tools

Creative Counsellor & NLP Coach

Tanja Sharpe

Hi! I am excited to explore this journey with you and wanted to introduce myself. I am a qualified Counsellor and I specialise in supporting parent-carer entrepreneurs who care for young people with extra-ordinary needs like Autism, ADHD, depression & anxiety. My background is within Autism, ADHD & trauma work. I have been practicing meditation and Mindfulness for more than 15 years and this has proven to be priceless in supporting me to be a calmer parent to a young person with Autism and ADHD. These programs that we develop are born out of  wanting to help improve access for all people to self-help Mindfulness and Wellbeing techniques, in a hope to increase resilience and kindness to ourselves and to others. I see my role as the facilitator for making change in a world that can often seem cruel and unkind! My family are my world and I love working in a family business!

Metaphysical Teacher

Lin Grace

I am originally from South Africa, with a love for travelling! I have studied the science of Metaphysics for over 30 years and hold a degree in Metaphysical Science. I also teach Mindfulness and self-help wellbeing techniques to a range of clients. My knowledge includes working with the angels, elementals and great beings of light! I feel honored to have been able to teach many people over the last 20 years and I have taught in a number of different countries. I feel passionate about helping people to discover the truth of who they are and then supporting them to live that truth!


  • Award Winning Facebook Leadership Tribe

    An online space hosted by Tanja Sharpe, a qualified counsellor, NLP Coach and award winning Facebook Community Leadership Program Fellow for community building. "I am passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, parent-carers and families of young people with extra-ordinary needs. I am also Founder of The Creative Counsellors Club."


    NO stress! You access your course materials 24/7 from anywhere in the world and at anytime! There is no time limit and you complete as and when you are ready! This training is delivered via an 8 week combination of LIVE video calls, study in your own time videos, reading and co-coaching with other members.


    Everything you need to get started! All training, downloads, powerpoints, evaluation forms and everything you could possibly need to succeed! We host weekly Q & A's where we answer all of your questions around how to get started in business and how to market yourself.

We provide you with a certificate

a unique membership number & an approved logo

Why train with us online?

  • You train in comfort

    You train from the comfort of your own home. We facilitate the course in a way where you can sit back, grab a cup or glass of something you like and log in for your training and your downloadable content.

  • We offer you full support

    You speak to real people and get support when you need it via our Facebook group! We take you through the training via PowerPoints which are recorded and downloaded straight into your course platform so you can watch it when ever you like!

  • Secure & affordable payment plans

    We know that training can be costly and we are passionate about improving the lives of young people, parents and carers! With this in mind we offer affordable payment plans. Simply pay in full or pay a deposit and we will send you a reminder when your next payment is due!

Affordable training

We know that sometimes it can be tricky to fund your training and development and so we like to make this as affordable as possible by offering you a way to spread the cost! You can pay in full or in 3 monthly payments. If you choose to pay in 3 monthly payments then the course cost will come out of your account on the same day each month!

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Creative Youth Wellbeing

Penny Roscoe-Jones

This is a wonderful course great being able to do it at home and catch up on the live sessions. Really love how practical the course is with lots of fabulous...

Read More

This is a wonderful course great being able to do it at home and catch up on the live sessions. Really love how practical the course is with lots of fabulous ideas to run as a group or even adapting into one to one work. Tanja is great and really supports learners with all aspects of the course. The downloadable resources is amazing too. Definitely reccommend!!!!

Read Less


  • Do I need any special technical equipment?

    You only need a free Zoom account to take part in the Live coaching training. You can get that by visiting

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We don't offer refunds as this is an online course and you get to download all materials!

  • What if I am running behind with training?

    Everything is recorded and stored in your course platform! You can catch up at anytime!

  • Do I need any previous experience?

    We ask that you have some experience in supporting young people! Are you a teacher, a parent, a carer, a foster parent, a youth club worker, a counsellor or a sports coach? These are just some of the ways that we are connected to building experience in working with young people! Mindfulness experience is a bonus but we will help you to develop these skills throughout the course itself. Creative skills are a bonus but again we will cover this within our sessions. Its more important to us that you have an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to help young people to build confidence and positive mental health!


Train to inspire others!