Angels are all around us and they are waiting to be called into your life

  • Colour Therapy

    We will be working with color which offers us a powerful way to visualise and connect with our mind, emotions, body and the environment. Imagine wrapping yourself in the golden light of the sun or floating away on the pure white energy of a drifting cloud.

  • Visualisations & Meditations

    We will explore a bespoke meditation or visualisation in each session, written by Lin. Each session, Lin will take us on an incredible, inspiring and empowering journey to meet with an Archangel. A deeply relaxing, motivational and connecting experience.

  • Archangels

    The Archangels offer us a warm and non-judgmental embrace. They empower us and energise us to achieve our dreams. They offer protection, inspiration and courage. Lin will take you on a monthly journey to meet with an Archangel and experience their transformational presence.

Join us and we will send you a magical angel welcome pack in the post..

Your welcome pack contains seven A5 cards. Each card explores the colour, properties and qualities of the seven Archangels. You will also receive a small angel bag charm gift as a daily reminder to take mindful moments with the angels. These will help you on your self-empowerment journey...

Session One: Blue - Archangel Michael

Thursday, February 11th 7-8pm (UK)

Archangel Michael offers his Blue Ray of power, protection and autonomy that we can call upon for greater protection in our lives as well as to expand our Inner Balanced Power and helps us to experience more autonomy.
Archangel Michael

Session Two: Gold - Archangel Jophiel

Thursday, March 11th 7-8pm (UK)

Archangel Jophiel gifts us his Golden Light of harmony and wisdom. As we learn to turn inwards to our hearts for guidance, he comes to assist us to make wise choices and decisions as well as to experience more balance and harmony in our beings and lives.

Week Three: Rose Pink - Archangel Chamuel

Thursday, April 8th 7-8pm (UK)

Archangel Chamuel brings the gift of his Rose Pink of Higher Love, enfolding us in this gentle Higher Love, bathing us in his healing, opening our hearts and our minds to a Greater Love that we may begin to experience more ease and grace in our lives.

Session Four: Indigo - Archangel Gabriel

Thursday, May 6th 7-8pm (UK)

Archangel Gabriel gifts us with his Indigo, raising our energy, reigniting our passion and assisting us with what and how we express ourselves.

Session Five: White - Archangel Uriel

Thursday, June 10th 7-8pm (UK)

Archangel offers us his Pure White Light, that helps us to hold a greater vision for ourselves, to seek Higher Truth and to fulfill our Purpose.

Session Six: Emerald Green - Archangel Raphael

Thursday, July 8th 7-8pm (UK)

Archangel Raphael comes to us with his Emerald Green healing and forgiveness. He assists us to forgive ourselves and others for the mistakes we have made and enfolds us in his Greater Peace, opening the door for us to experience more peace in our lives.

Session Seven: Violet - Archangel Zadkiel

Thursday, August 12th 7-9pm (UK)

Archangel Zadkiel offers to hold us in his Violet Ray, which purifies our mind, body & emotions. Working in this way opens the way for creativity especially in music and arts. As this is our final session together we are offering an additional hour together for our closing circle.

We start on the 11th February 2021

Meet a new Archangel every Month for 7 months. Every session will be recorded, so you can take your own time to complete the meditations and visualisations.

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Just £10 per session, payable in full or over two months

If you choose to pay in installments then we will automatically bill the card that you used to sign up with, one month later.