Certification Awarded

On completion of each course within this package, you are awarded a Creative Wellbeing & Mindfulness certification. We are an accredited provider through The Complimentary Medical Association.

Access to both courses + bonuses

You are invited to complete your Foundations for Self-Care (The Best Gift is You - Creative Adults Wellbeing & Mindfulness Programme). This course helps you to embody the Creative Wellbeing & Mindfulness approach in your life and you are awarded a 9 hour personal development certificate. On completion of this you have immediate access to your next course which guides you through how to facilitate these sessions with adults in your community either in person or virtually. The total study time for both courses is around 20 hours. Plus you have access to our designated Facebook community for coaches, live Q & A sessions and marketing support.

Course 1: Foundations Heart Story for Self-Care Programme

This is the first step on this package journey. This first course guides you through 6 sessions of Creative Wellbeing & Mindfulness tools for your own self-care. You are invited to experience the programme to boost your own wellness before you train to deliver this programme in your community virtually or in person

Our unique Foundations Programme explores 6 sessions

  • Session 1: Honouring the Body

    Our bodies are always talking to us and in this session we explore how to mindfully tune in to connect with our body and to listen to the messages from within

  • Session 2: The Whole Experience

    In this session we will explore the whole experience - Mind, Body, Feelings & Environment. We explore how to tune in Mindfully and with compassion

  • Session 3: Act with Compassion

    In this session, we explore acting with compassion. These powerful practices teach us how to offer ourselves kindness & self-compassion

  • Session 4: Recognise the Truth

    In this session, we explore our thoughts and how to recognise the truth. We are often very self-critical & this session helps to banish that inner critic for a more self-loving approach

  • Session 5: Take Action

    In this session we explore practical ways to bring more mindful wellbeing strategies into our daily life including, grounding, anchoring & visualisations strategies

  • Session 6: Story

    In this session, we explore the "STORY" in Heart Story. We explore how to create kindful and self-loving goals which help us to bring more wellbeing into our lives. This is a beautifully creative session

Course 2: Creative Adults Wellbeing & Mindfulness Certification

This is the next course within your package and on completion will provide you with your certification, qualified coaches logo and a suite of resources so that you can confidently deliver these sessions virtually and in person within your community

This nine hour course certifies you

to deliver our Foundations course in your community. We guide you through

  • Creating Group Agreements

    In this session we explore how to create group agreements and why they are important. Including exploring confidentiality, kindness to others, nurturing respectful spaces and bonding as a group

  • Hosting Break Out Sessions

    If you are planning to deliver sesssions virtually then hosting break out sessions via Zoom is a very useful way to create smaller group bonds and facilitate sharing. We walk you through this process and help you to build confidence in delivering these as part of your course offering

  • Using Clean Coaching Language

    When we are delivering Creative Wellbeing & Mindfulness courses, its important to be aware of clean language and how the way that we speak about ourselves impacts on our course members. Embodying the messages of self-compassion and resilience

  • Creative Meditation Guidance

    Meditation is a core element within Mindfulness practice and this course introduces you to some practical advice around creating and delivering the meditations within your community. We will walk you through all of the meditations within your Foundations training while offering extra guidance and support. If any questions pop up we invite you to share these within your community so we can all grow and learn from each other

  • Creative Visualisation Guidance

    Creative visualisations are an essential component of our Heart Story Framework and you will have experienced these within your Foundations training. In this course Lin will guide you through Creative Visualisation and also how to safely facilitate these for anyone who attends your course training. On completion of this course, you are invited to create a 10-15 minute visualisation or meditation and send this to Lin for feedback

  • Marketing & Promotion

    We know that marketing can be a real challenge for many of our members and so we have created short videos to help you to navigate the world of marketing including; finding your niche, branding, using Canva to create social media images, Facebook pages, hashtags etc. We deliver these in your Facebook group and will shortly add these to a new and separate free module for you in your course platform

BONUS: Members Resources & Downloads Section

In this extra section, you have access to all the PowerPoint slide decks, a full 156 page PDF guidebook of the whole Foundations course word for word, marketing support, example website copy and ongoing support from Tanja & Lin

This final section holds all of your resources and downloads

  • PowerPoint Slides

    In this section we provide you with all of the PowerPoint slides that you need to deliver this training. This is a business in a box solution. Just plug and play

  • Course Guidebook

    In this section you are invited to download your PDF course guide. This in depth guide walks you through each PowerPoint slide, one by one

  • Marketing Materials

    In this section we offer some guidance around the wording and copy to add to your website, leaflets, flyers and other social media

Affordable & discounted package (£50 discount)

By signing up for package two, you get access to both the Foundations + Adults Creative Wellbeing & Mindfulness certification with a £50 a discount

We are proud to have been delivering our training in the community for more than 6 years...

This course package is 100% right for you if...

  • You want to increase your own self-compassion, self-love and self-care through proven and tested Creative Wellbeing & Mindfulness strategies

  • You want to help others to do the same while creating an extra income by delivering sessions in person or virtually in your community

  • You are looking for an online course so that you can take this in your own time and at your own pace

  • You are looking to connect with a community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about supporting others wellbeing and resilience while taking care of their own too

Three extra bonuses to support you

  • An Award Winning Community

    .Our community element of this course is offered through a free members Facebook group. In 2019, Tanja was awarded the Facebook Community Leadership Award for her dedication in building thriving communities and in this group we offer live Q & A's, weekly #zenday sessions, members spotlights & support

  • Ongoing Support

    Unlike other online courses, our support doesn't end when your training ends. Lin and I stay connected with you to support you as you take your new project into the community. Whether you have questions about safeguarding, marketing, PowerPoint's or insurance, we walk side by side with you all the way

  • Regular "Ask Me Anything" Sessions

    We know that you will have many questions along the way. As you have opted for one of our packages, you are invited to join our coaches only space where we host regular AMA sessions. Our members share that these sessions are a massive support in helping to take their sessions into the community

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Answering your course questions

  • Do I need any training in Mindfulness to take this package course?

    No! Our Foundations course introduces you to our unique six part framework, which guides you through practical self-compassion, Mindfulness and other wellbeing tools.

  • Do I need any complicated technology?

    No! You can access this course from a laptop, PC, tablet or your phone 24 hours a day. We recommend that you do have a free Zoom account though so that you can access any virtual group get togethers. You will need to upgrade to a paid Zoom account if you want to offer these sessions virtually in the future and if you choose to use Zoom.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We do not offer refunds as our course is digital and you get access to all of your materials at the same time. We have also never been asked for a refund!

  • What certification do I receive?

    On completion of our courses you receive a Confident Hearts Certification and as we are a member of The Complimentary Medical Association, our certificates reflect this too.

  • Can I get insurance to practice on completing your courses?

    Many insurance providers accept our training certificates, however I suggest that you contact your insurance for guidance.

  • Is there a time limit on these courses?

    No! You have lifetime access and your materials will always be available to you for as long as we are in the training business.